Do you know what’s going on around you? Don’t be JR Smith in Game 1 | June 1, 2018

Think about JR Smith. A simple look up to the score clock last night in Game 1, and Cleveland is probably up 1-0 in a (NBA Finals) series that nobody on earth has given them a chance to win.
— Terry Jensen | The BridgeHouse Vlog

Boy oh boy, was it ever easy to pick a vlog topic today! The question is, do you know what's going on around you? Inspired by the unbelievable play from last night's NBA Finals Game 1 setting featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, I tackle the notion that both short and long term awareness are critical to success in business, sports, and life.

While we are witnessing the greatest team ever assembled (arguably), Golden State Warriors, play against the greatest basketball player of all time (arguably), LeBron James, suddenly JR Smith crashes the party with one of the biggest bonehead plays of all time (arguably).

In business, you must be aware of your surroundings - your customers, your competitors, changes in your industry, changes in technology, and your goals. If they focus too closely on the short term, you can kiss your long term goals goodbye. This video demonstrates this concept and offers up some tips for staying alert and aware of your surroundings.

Terry Jensen, Founder
BridgeHouse Marketing