Some thoughts on teamwork in sports & business | May 30, 2018

We would teach and preach teamwork at every practice, we would teach unselfish basketball, and that always has worked for us.
— Terry Jensen | The BridgeHouse Vlog

After settling back into my office fresh off a long but fun weekend in Reno coaching AAU basketball, I was thinking about the importance of teamwork both in sports and business. This is part of the culture of BridgeHouse Marketing, we are a part of our client's team and our only goals are to constantly work at a high level, improve, and win.

In basketball, 5 individual players hit the floor at once and without an incredible amount of teamwork it is nearly impossible to accomplish anything at all. In fact, it is easy to look foolish! The bench players also play a huge role in supporting the players on the floor while waiting for their number to be called for game play. If all goes as planned, the level of play on the court will continue at a high level.

In business, the same is true. It is impossible to do it all yourself or even with a small group of employees. There are too many intricate areas of technology that are required in business today for one person (or a few people) to have expert level knowledge across the board. By continuing like this, systems begin to slowly fail which can lead to reduced revenue, or worse yet, going out of business.

That's precisely why it is so critically important to recruit good players for your team, in sports AND business. BridgeHouse Marketing can be a part of your team. Contact us to find out how we can start working together today.

Terry Jensen, Founder
BridgeHouse Marketing