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Social media, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, has permanently changed the way we interact on a personal level and simultaneously how business is conducted. Never before in history has a mass audience had the ability to act and react in real time the way they can today.

Love it or hate it, your business needs a presence in at least one but preferably more social media outlets. Establishing your corner of the social universe unlocks access to millions of potential customers. Owners of even the smallest of brick & mortar businesses should consider the power of social media to build their brand. Your customers are often responding to your brand, as much or more than your product or service. Social media represents both an organic and paid way convey your brand, gather feedback from customers, and learn about your competitors - what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

BridgeHouse Marketing can manage your business' social media marketing and advertising campaigns whether you're completely new to the scene, a cagey veteran, or even if you already hire some social media services out. We will consult you on where your business fits and which platforms to focus on, and which ones to invest in. You might be surprised, platforms like Pinterest and SnapChat are giving companies new audiences to reach and connect with which allows for a lot of fantastic options.



IS Bigger & LOUDEr BETTEr?

Well, at least that's how it was back in the 80's and 90's when mini-trucks roamed around town with monster stereo systems designed to rattle the windows in your neighbor's house. But just as car and home audio has changed, social media advertising utilizes a more modern, streamlined form of connecting with an audience. Success isn't necessarily defined by the wide broadcast of an ad campaign, but more so in how, where, and to whom you deliver it.

When it comes to social media marketing, there are a couple of constants. Celebrities and athletes are quick to adopt a large audience organically because of their well known brand is typically established. For a local business with a relatively scarce or no social audience, however, careful and managed social marketing can open the communication lines to your audience by way of paid advertising and remarketing.

At BridgeHouse Marketing, we study the trends in order in social media usage to connect your brand, product, and service with the right platforms so it can flourish. To be successful, that is, to build and engaging audience of fans and customers will to buy your product or service - It is a pay-to-play world. So, we also help you find the right advertising budget to meet your goals and budget.



The often overlooked LinkedIn might indeed represent the social media playground your business thrives on. With 250 million active monthly users as of 2018, LinkedIn is a B2B playground.

Your business and your resume should exist here, that much is for certain. Why? Because your customers, end-users of your products, and/or peers in the industry are vetting you and your business on LinkedIn. It is a validating resource and a good place to go when business expansion requires a larger and more professional workforce.

What most business owners forget (or never realized) is that LinkedIn is a social media platform, ripe for distributing your thoughts, images, videos, favorite links, articles, blogs, and just about anything else. Albeit, we don't recommend posting your most intimate personal videos here. But when it comes to business-to-business sales and marketing this is the place to share, share, share.


Full Service Social Media Marketing Management



With 2 billion monthly users as of June 2017, Facebook is by far the leader in the social space. At number one in social, Facebook should also be your number one priority for business exposure and customer connection.

The sheer volume of registered users and demographic data alone means you have access to a gold mine. But how you handle it is critically important and could have a negative impact without careful consideration.

Facebook is one of the first places potential customers research product and services beyond the associated website. A poor presence, or no presence, can wipe out your conversion opportunity before it starts.



The photo sharing sensation known as Instagram had something in the ball park of 30 million users back in 2012, and zero monetization. Today, some five years after being acquired by Facebook, Instagram has 700 million active monthly users and a sexy advertising platform adapted from Facebook successes.

All that means this, if your business is able to photograph any facet of its daily life then Instagram is something to get acquainted with. It isn't just for pictures of food any more, no, no, it is so much more.

Video in the form of posts and quick-fire stories is also an engaging way to interact with customers, prospects, and most important, fans. Does your business have fans? It needs some, that much is clear.



This female-user dominated site is unique as it is interesting. Digital pinning is fun, interactive, and subtle in its approach to connecting with customers because it doesn't beat its users over the head asking for a sale.

Instead, Pinterest is a beautifully efficient way for users to construct elaborate wish lists based on images. And guess what? Friends and followers love to play along.

With some creativity and a good game plan, Pinterest should be the photo album of choice for you and your business. There's no need to reinvent the wheel on your website, when social platforms like Pinterest have done most of the heavy lifting already.



Twitter has quietly but successfully sectioned off its corner of the universe on the Internet. While its active monthly user total of a little over 300,000 may seem paltry by comparison to Facebook, all you have to do is ask a friend or family member where they got their news during the recent U.S. Presidential Election to understand why Twitter is important.

For the right product, service, and business, Twitter is a rapid fire way to connect with a large audience in a different way. Sure, traditional social posts and video will work, but the Twitter audience can be a snappy one. They crave clever insight immediately as it is relevant and seemingly the more satirical in nature, the better. Don't be afraid to make a splash on Twitter, but be prepared for anything.


Google Plus

Google is the dominant force in Internet search and that is, quite simply, indisputable. But they have had their fair share of hurdles to cross when it comes to the social media landscape.

That does not, however, mean you should dismiss Google + when considering social platforms to broadcast products, services, and branding information. After all, it would behoove all of us to remember that Google controls all of the most prominent algorithms governing Internet search.

So wouldn't it make sense to have a presence anywhere and everywhere Google allows it? The issue is creating and segmenting social content in a way that maximizes opportunities on each, and Google Plus is a player.






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