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Imagine if you could advertise your local business in one place and reach thousands of local customers every single day. Now, imagine this one advertising medium has more connectivity to your past, present, and future customers than a website, social media channels, TV, radio, and print publications combined. And finally, imagine each of the thousands of customers who find your business here represent thousands of dollars in sales indefinitely. You don't have to imagine any more, because this dream medium is very real and it is called an Internet search engine. With Google, Bing, and Yahoo on every desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile smartphone, customers have 24-7-365 access to nearby businesses. 


Search Engine Marketing, or SEM as it's called, is the single most important marketing investment you can make into your business. It does not matter whether you are a construction trade contractor, restaurant owner, or a dog groomer, nor does it matter if you are a sole proprietor, franchisee, or a multinational corporation with satellite locations all over the world.

As a business owner or department manager, your top concern is increasing product and service sales. Investing in optimization of your company's local presence in search engines is highly lucrative. It is the most effective way to scale your market share, boost sales, and increase profits. Leveraging sophisticated tools inside Google My Business and Bing Places for Business is critically important for maintaining a loyal connection with new customers and those who already frequent your business.

SEM is no easy task though, in fact, most business owners don't know the first place to start. If it was easy, every business would be tied for first position in Google. Fortunately, a professional marketing agency like BridgeHouse Marketing can help make sense of it all. We manage everything so you don't have to and at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire in-house marketing, advertising, and sales staff.


Local Business SEM

Managed search engine marketing & optimization service from BridgeHouse Marketing is the secret recipe for your local business to dominate the first place customers see it. Our blockbuster combination of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, content marketing, local NAP citation management, and domain authority link building, will boost your business into the #1 position in search engines. Plus, our unique service suite includes dynamic SEM tools designed to showcase your business using Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. With regular reporting, you get peace of mind, powerful results, and return on investment.

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Optimized Local Search For



Whether you are in business to sell a product, service, or multiple products and services, you have competitors. Many companies compete to give products away free or at a loss! How can you separate your business from the competition?

The answer is simple; by showing up prominently and more often in the places your customers and prospects search for businesses like yours. That place is inside of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In 2017 alone, global users searched the Internet 3.5 billion times per day and that number continues to grow!

Search engines display critical information about your business long before viewers get to your website or social media channels. If the information is incorrect, missing, or less prominent than a competitor's it translates to losing sales and marketshare on a daily basis.



Let's establish one common fact. You are in business to make money, and if you are here right now then you are concerned with making more money now and well into the future. Local SEO is the guaranteed way to stay relevant and increase sales.

Growing sales occurs when you increase the amount of leads (or prospects) coming into your business. It does not matter if your company is maxed out on product or service fulfillment capacity right now! The economy changes, competition changes, and customer interests change, and this means your sales can change.

Sales revenue is generally a finite number during a given period (monthly, for example) in a local area and that means competitors are fighting for a piece of the pie on a daily basis. So, whether your business is #1 or #10 in overall sales, Local Business Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service is equally as important.



One of the most common complaints we hear when performing market research for clients, comes from existing customers of their business. Why? Because when those customers try to find the business address, phone number, or website using Google Search - they can't!

Many business owners and department managers mistakenly think their problems with generating leads and sales is only a result of reaching new customers. Not true! Your existing customers are far more likely to give you repeat business, but they are also more likely to become frustrated if they cannot find your busines to do so. This is when you are at the highest risk of losing sales to a competitor.

Local Business SEM service from BridgeHouse Marketing not only optimizes local business listings, but it drives your business into the Top 3 positions in Google for keywords specific to your product, service, and local geography.


Scale Business, revenue, and profits with

Local SEO

What is your $100,000 keyword?


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Strategy For Keyword Ranking

For customers to find your business in local search, your business website must rank for the keyword they entered. For example, a customer will either type or speak the keyword 'carpet store sacramento' and local results will appear. If your carpet store does not rank for that specific keyword, your website will not appear in organic results and may not appear in the top 3 businesses listed in what's known as the Snack Pack. This single action could result in thousands of dollars in lost sales!

There are two essential marketing and advertising strategies to move your business to the top of page one in search engines - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising. They are best explained in the analogy of a teeter-totter. Although the two can and should be used in conjunction as a best practice, when your investment into SEO increases, the investment into PPC Advertising should decrease. Further, SEO is a long term, stabile investment that creates massively valuable ROI over time, conversely PPC Advertising is a short term investment with some risk involved that produces ROI now sustained only by continued investment.

Invest now for long term benefits

During a consultation with our team, many business clients learn that the largest factor preventing them from winning local search battle is ranking for keywords connected to the trophy positions in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Investing in SEO and multi-faceted SEM is not only a fast-track to the top of Google, it also directly reduces the need for advertising spend in various forms of digital PPC advertising, TV, radio, print, and other channels.

If your business relies heavily on digital advertising in the form of Google AdWords, it usually means your website is not showing up in the trophy positions of an organic Google search. Although effective when managed correctly, dumping ad spend into this strategy is short term and will require constant commitment for results. However, your return on investment (ROI) in Local Business SEM from BridgeHouse Marketing has both a compounding growth and risk hedging effect that doubles down on a winning strategy and safeguards from losing big.

Sales are won and lost in search engines

The diagram in Figure 1 shows a Page 1 Google search that demonstrates just how important Local Business SEM is. The keyword used for this search is 'electrician sacramento' which indicates a potential customer is seeking out an electrician in the Sacramento, CA area.

If you are an electrician in Sacramento and your company is not listed here - bad news! What if the customer searching has $10,000 worth of work that needs to be done? Worse yet, what if the customer is a general contractor company seeking an electrician to wire 100 residential homes they are building? One single, simple Google Search could cost your company tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue!

There are 3 important sections in the Figure 1 diagram. The first section is reserved for ads. These are pay-per-click (PPC) ads built and managed using Google AdWords. Next, is a critically important and widely used section known as the local snack pack. It features a map and 3 local businesses including information to contact or visit each. For your business to display here, it requires a combination of SEM management including Google My Business and traditional SEO tactics.

The diagram in Figure 2 shows the drill-down research a customer will go through in this process. One click on the 'More Places' link in the snack pack section leads to a full display of business listings in Google Maps. When one of the listings is clicked, a feature slide-out appears with detailed information about the business. This section is powered by Google My Business, literally the most powerful and effective suite of tools available for local business.

Performance enhancers for your business

The Local Business SEM service package from BridgeHouse Marketing offers complete management of a special blend of tools designed to do one very important thing, showcase your business at the top of Google searches just like this. After all, searching engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are first place customers see your business, typically long before they see your website, social media channels, or brick & mortar location.



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