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The BEI is a multi-point inspection of your business and its online presence including SEO, SEM, social media presence, website messaging, branding opportunities, search engine rank specific to trade, product, or service, and more.

In this video, I take some time to walk you through various benefits of the Business Exposure Inspection (BEI) service offered exclusively by BridgeHouse Marketing. If you are a business owner, then you have undoubtedly seen tons of ads for a ‘magic pill’ solution that will transform you into a millionaire overnight. You and I both know that is fake news.

Success in business takes time, some luck, tenacity, and a unique ability to experiment and fail solely for the opportunity of winning. Success in business isn’t about a magic pill, but it is closely connected to building an excellent team and using the right tools.

BridgeHouse Marketing wants to be on your team, and we have the experience, expertise, and tools you need to scale your business. The BEI is where it all starts. Although not impossible, it’s pretty hard to start a car without keys in the ignition. The same is true for optimizing the online presence of your business without utilizing the BEI first.

We have selected a proprietary group of the web’s best tools and incorporated them into our human analysis scoring system. When you take advantage of the BridgeHouse Marketing BEI, you will get a complete report showing results and recommendations, all in easy-to-understand terms to help you quickly and easily make a decision on the immediate future of your online existence.

The BEI addresses hundreds of SEO and SEM metrics based on your website, verified business listings on the top search engines, business related social media presence, website display and messaging optimization, status of website viewer analytics and goals, and how your business is stacking up against competition in the most popular search engines.

With the right tools and guidance, the BEI will allow you to unleash your business. Based on our findings, you can choose from a host of ready-to-use marketing services from BridgeHouse Marketing or schedule a consultation so we can custom build a package that fits your business needs, budget, and goals.


My name is Terry Jensen, founder of BridgeHouse Marketing. We offer professional marketing, advertising, and consulting services for companies of all size, serving businesses coast to coast throughout the United States of America by way of Redding, California.