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Who would have thought simple yet mindful digital diary entries would go on to become a powerful SEO standard? The term weblog was coined in the mid to late 1990's when early Internet pioneers realized their writings were helpful to others. Sharing is caring. Known simply as blogs now, these gems represent the butter on search engine bread.

As Google (the search engine) matures, it has become more and more heavily reliant on content written in a way that parallels how we speak. It is natural, not so polished or optimized in a sense. SEO's, or search engine optimization experts were becoming so adept at building pages aimed at catching the all seeing eyes of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL that we should have known it would implode. It did, implode.

Google has strung together algorithm updates that see through the trickery. Not only that, they reward on-the-level digital content and banish cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eaters to the Internet dungeon. You have surely heard the terms White Hat and Black Hat when it comes to SEO, essentially good versus evil. Going rogue just isn't worth it anymore.

Since blogs represent a place to speak naturally, cite your article resources, include photos and videos, and organize articles with Dewey Decimal System efficiency, it stands to reason you should be in the mix. Whether you are actively blogging for your business or not, the most common reason for falling off task is time and ideas. BridgeHouse Marketing offers comprehensive services to help you and your business talk the talk. So, let's walk the walk.



Content Marketing

You have no doubt already learned that content marketing is what makes Google tick in the modern era. Content marketing is essentially the creation of blogs, videos, and other materials for Internet searchers. There is overwhelming data showing the importance of a blog for your business website. In fact, there may not be any more effective way to optimize your website for search engines available today.

The reason is all based in the way we consume content on the Internet. Think about it for a second. We ask questions in search engines, this could be in the form of typing them on our desktop computers and laptops or, more recently, it could be speaking them into our mobile smartphones. We want answers to our questions, but we also realize that answers are layered based on relevance, geography, opinion, and other factors. The answers to these questions are found in blogs.

In a blog, we get the opportunity to tackle a question and answer it in basic, everyday writing terminology that is easy to read. Sure, blogs can be very technical at times but the point is we allow the viewer to learn about their topic of interest in small, manageable chunks. This creates value. As it turns out, massive value. And it allows you to build your brand, sell your products, and offer your services.

Now, the big problem. You don't have time for all this! No worries, we at BridgeHouse Marketing can handle it for you. We have access to thousands of brilliant blog writers, number one. Secondly, we perform the research based on your business to uncover the keyword focus and matching content. We develop the blog content and then upload it directly to your website without you lifting a finger. No challenging coding or SEO knowledge needed, no writing classes, it is just easy and automatic. Of course, we still encourage you to write blog content to your heart's desire but we help you maintain the content marketing schedule that will rank your website higher and higher in the search engines.


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