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Top 3 reasons phone book ads suck... and my new YouTube video series.

There I was, standing in a puddle of water from a leaking exterior hose bib and what to my dismay is laying on the ground? A phone book! After I proceeded to throw it into the trash can, I pulled out my iPhone and said, "Hey Siri... Can you find a plumber for me?" Siri, indeed, found a plumber. And I also watched a YouTube video on how to replace hose bibs.

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How did we get here? A story of love, basketball, and marketing.

Marketing was a part of my life before I even knew what the word meant, literally since I was in grade school. I started working in my Grandma's grocery store at 8 years old, so I learned the value in customer appreciation early. From that time forward, I was driven to understand a valuable product or service and how to market it in a meaningful way to the customer. It's a passion, almost to a fault - I never get tired of it.

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