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Blog Ranking Basics: 5 Reasons Blogging Is Essential for SEO Rank

Are you blogging? If not, you're missing out on valuable SEO rank! Here's our guide to blog ranking basics: 5 reasons blogging is essential for SEO rank.

Did you know that 77 percent of internet users take the time to read blogs?

And blogs are a great way to attract these readers to your site. Informative blogs will help your customers make the right decision about your products.

But blogs don't stop with helping customers on your site. Blogs also help casual internet users find your site as well.

That's right. Blogs can help your SEO soar through the roof. If your blog ranking grows, you can be sure to see more traffic on your site.

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5 Reasons to Use SEM as a Business Strategy and Why

While talking with business owners and department managers over the years, I learned that a lot of us have a common problem. The problem is really a question. What is the best way to let customers know about changes in my company?

There has never been a singular answer, even when back in the day the only answer was offline marketing (think newspapers, magazines, billboards, TV commercials, and radio spots).

But in the modern digital era, there are so many online marketing variables to consider you might go broke trying to figure out the best way (think pay per click advertising, social media marketing, banner ads, influencer marketing, and blogging).

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8 Essential Local SEO Tools for Sacramento Businesses

If you've got a physical storefront, local SEO should be your chief concern. Check out these 8 local SEO tools you should use to improve your search rankings.

Are you a Sacramento business looking for more exposure?

More and more California companies use digital marketing to promote their services to local customers.

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How to Find the Best Sacramento Marketing Company

Are you looking to hire a digital marketing company in the Sacramento area? Read on to learn how to find the best Sacramento marketing company.

As a business owner, you're aware that simply having a web presence isn't enough. Digital marketing is a key element to doing business in today's market.

And most companies aren't large enough to be able to afford an in-house digital advertising team. Even if you can afford to hire in-house, the benefits of hiring an outside marketing company are too numerous to ignore.

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Is 1 Keyword Worth $100,000 In Sales Revenue?

If I asked you to buy a $100 raffle ticket for a 1 in 1000 chance to win $100,000 in cash, would you do it? As you consider the probabilities and grab your checkbook, you are probably fantasizing about the shot at cashing in on the investment of a lifetime. But when it comes to local business owners investing in the opportunity to rank important keywords that produce hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars in sales revenue - it just isn't quite as sexy a proposition. We'll break down the numbers in more detail in just a bit, but for moment, let's wrap our heads around the importance of keywords and search engine rank pages (SERPs).

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The Power Of Search Engine Marketing In A World Of Instant Gratification

Your customers are hot under the collar, that may or may not surprise you. What will blow your hair back is the reason why. Much like the petulant, young child crying in the grocery store over a cheap, plastic toy he wants but just can't have, it seems your very own customers are also finding themselves helpless and nearing tantrum mode. What should be sounding alarm bells for you as the local business owner is the resulting loss of a sale, or perhaps even worse, the loss of many, lucrative sales.

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3 Reasons Local SEO Can Make Or Break Your Business

In case you aren't familiar with the concept of local SEO, it refers to search engine marketing that gets your business noticed by significant numbers of potential customers, who live right in the same area where you're doing business, i.e. within your service area. The whole point of local SEO is to have your website ranked very highly, preferably in the first three results returned by Google, so that searchers find your business easily.

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What the hell is SEO and why is it so damn important?

If you have ever asked the question "What is SEO?" then you have no doubt felt the sting of comprehending the answer. The question itself is like that of the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. The more you understand, the deeper it goes, and the answers just produce more and more questions. If you are a fan of using colorful (expletive sprinkled) language, then you may rejoice in the fact that you're not alone. At different times in my marketing career, acronyms like SEO and WTF could be used interchangeably.

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Top 3 reasons phone book ads suck... and my new YouTube video series.

There I was, standing in a puddle of water from a leaking exterior hose bib and what to my dismay is laying on the ground? A phone book! After I proceeded to throw it into the trash can, I pulled out my iPhone and said, "Hey Siri... Can you find a plumber for me?" Siri, indeed, found a plumber. And I also watched a YouTube video on how to replace hose bibs.

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We think the Lambo belongs in your driveway, not ours. But we're cool either way.

OK, yes, we will admit we work hard and have dreamt of the day we could sit in a Lamborghini, let alone drive one. It is a teeny bit over the top though, just a fraction over the "We're successful" mark and toeing the "We really need you to know it" line.

But damn... a Lamborghini Aventador? Wouldn't that be a sight in your driveway? We can almost envision you blowing your cellular plan's text messaging limit out of the water in a single night solely based on the amount of selfies sent out to friends, family members, and that kid from high school who got all the girls.

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Can Ringo Starr save the world? 50 years later, it all makes sense.

Back in 1967, John and Paul wrote a gem of a tune for their bandmate Ringo to sing lead vocal. The song, a track featured on The Beatles album entitled Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band proclaimed, "Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends."

Some 50 years later, It is a reminder that we could all benefit from the help of someone close to us (or something, depending on how you interpret the lyrics - but I digress). For the sake of our blog here today, we choose to vibe in the 'high' from well orchestrated teamwork.

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How did we get here? A story of love, basketball, and marketing.

Marketing was a part of my life before I even knew what the word meant, literally since I was in grade school. I started working in my Grandma's grocery store at 8 years old, so I learned the value in customer appreciation early. From that time forward, I was driven to understand a valuable product or service and how to market it in a meaningful way to the customer. It's a passion, almost to a fault - I never get tired of it.

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